A New [Sub]urban Experience

Located in Chicago’s bustling northwest suburbs, Veridian is a mixed-use 225-acre campus including residential and office space, entertainment, dining, hotel and urban-esque street retail districts. Unique in its vision, Veridian seeks to capture savvy locals who are looking for a sophisticated urban experience close to home.

With this unprecedented development, Veridian will be the first to bring a truly urban-feeling aesthetic and experience to the Chicago suburbs in a robust community dedicated to togetherness and new adventures.

It’s an experience, a chance. It is the story of us, and the collection of moments, memories, and relationships that brought us to where we are today.

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This is where the noise settles.

Where you sling your keys aside and kick your shoes to the carpet.

Where someone is always happy to see you, the coffee is perfect, and friends laugh past midnight.

This is home.


It is the frenzy of newness: a store steeped in cottons, silks, and fresh leather–all in coordinated shades of crimsons, grays and indigos.

It is where you can see the best version of yourself, turn to your friends, and see what they say.

“It’s perfect.”


Caffeine-fueled think tanks and impossible due dates are completed. A team united in making something meaningful.

We spend the better part of our weeks in a frenzy to the finish line, but the accomplishment is its own celebration.


See something different.

Wake up where the sun rises miles away from where you came.

Get lost in streets with strange names. Have no plan: no matter where you are, it’s where you’re supposed to be.


We sit between the moon and a second glass of wine that sweats in the summer’s breath.

The waiter slides a plank of cheese, jams, and garlic toast between us, and we cheers to this: easy evenings, us, and a place to bask in both.


Carefree afternoons unfold in limitless possibility as we escape our routines: see something new, find the occasion to wear that dress, meet at six, share dessert.

Go where the spirit moves you, and enjoy an evening with no deadline or curfew.